Why Sales Training?

Is your sales team producing to their highest potential? Do they struggle to overcome fear of picking up the phone or asking for a referral? Do they lack the confidence to close for business? At Southwestern Speakers, we’re the world’s leading experts on sales training. As part of the oldest direct-selling sales company in the world and having trained sales organizations across the globe, we have extensive insight into how to develop top-performing sales professionals. All of our trainers are practitioners first, meaning they have a demonstrated track record of ultra-performance in sales and continue to practice the principles they preach. All of our training programs are tailored to your needs. We take the time to learn about your organization so we can teach you while reinforcing your unique methodologies and practices. Browse the topics below to find the best fit for your sales team.

Sales Training Topics

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Overcoming Fear to Maximize Personal Potential

Using Social Media to Generate Infinite Leads

Mastering Time Management for Today's Challenges

How to Create a Lead-Generation Machine

Prospecting Strategies to Get More Meetings

Phone Skills to Help You Increase Sales

Getting Past Gatekeepers

Making Powerful First Impressions

Building Relationships with Navigate™ Behavioral Selling

Improving Sales through Question-Based Selling

Presentation Secrets that Shorten Sales Cycles

Capturing More Customers with Servant-Minded Closing

Building a Referral-Based Business

Automating Follow Up to Gain & Retain Customers

Growing Sales by Preventing and Handling Objections

Utilizing Networking as a Lead Generation Strategy

Land and Expand: Keys to Account Management

Improving Emotional Intelligence to Increase Sales

Profit Margin


Companies that invest in employee training enjoy a 24% higher profit margin than those that don't.



On average, a company's ROI from training equates to 353%.

Increased Production


Our ongoing training clients experience over 25% increase in production on average!

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